Five Pharmacies Honored By MemberHealth For Outstanding Patient Care

Five pharmacies across the nation have been honored by MemberHealth, Inc., for demonstrating exemplary patient care, effecting the best patient outcomes and managing patients' prescription drug spend.

MemberHealth's first CCRx Patient Care Awards were presented to:

  • * Grady Memorial Hospital Pharmacy, Atlanta, Ga.
  • * Union Center Pharmacy, Seattle, Wash.
  • * Family Health Pharmacy, Columbus, Ga.
  • * Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Somerset, Ky.
  • * Scott Health Mart Pharmacy, Fayette, Iowa

MemberHealth is a prescription benefits manager and sponsor of CCRx, one of the largest Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans in the nation. The company has more than 61,000 pharmacies in its network and promotes strong relationships between patients, their pharmacists and physicians.

To win the awards, pharmacies were judged on: the number of Medicare Part D beneficiaries they served in 2006; their effectiveness at promoting the use of cost-saving generic drugs; and the number of patients they counseled face-to-face through the CCRx Medication Therapy Review program. The program helps patients control chronic diseases through medication and gain a better understanding of their prescription drug regimen.

"MemberHealth recognizes these pharmacies for their high level of attention to patient care. These pharmacies touch a lot of people and have taken an active interest in keeping their customers healthy," said Charles Hallberg, founder and CEO of MemberHealth. "Leading by example, they demonstrate the positive results of having strong relationships with their patients."

About MemberHealth: MemberHealth, Inc. (MHRx) is a leading national Medicare Part D sponsor, offering Medicare prescription drug plans in 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. MHRx has more than 61,000 pharmacies in its pharmacy network and covers 98 percent of the top 100 medications taken by Medicare beneficiaries.

MHRx established its reputation as a visionary provider of prescription drug benefits for insured and self-insured groups and discount prescription programs across the country, by focusing on strengthening the relationships between patients, their pharmacists and physicians, which ensures that patients can take medicines with confidence and save money.